Friday, March 4, 2011

Spring is just around the corner, time to test ride CARGO BIKES!

This thing has been taunting me in the window of Copenhagen Cyclery for quite some time... My first test ride was aboard the Larry vs Harry Bullitt. This sled was Pepto Bismol Pink! Lars and Hans have a pretty rad sense of humor and call this model the "Little Boy". The Bullitt cargo bike is available in 13 different variants of colors and components, all built upon the same frame. This was a really nice ride,  I'm not a fan of the rear coaster brake but with a powerful hydro disc up front, it stops on a dime and still gives you a nickels worth of change! I've got my eye on a black & gold pinstriped model called the "John Player Spezial", with 8 speed Alfine internally geared hub and full disc brakes!

For the next few days, all I could think about was how much stuff I would load onto one of these bad boys. As I'm sitting on my porch, I see a woman riding down the street on a fully loaded Bakfiets Cargo Bike! I jumped off the porch and ran out into the street to flag her down, I must have looked like a kid waving on the side line of a ticker-tape parade and probably asked her a million questions in a short amount of time about her bike. This is when I realized I was jonesin' for more CARGO BIKE! So the next day I went down to Dutch Bike Co. to test ride one for myself. The Bakfiets Cargo Bike is built like a tank, very classic looking and designed to last a lifetime!